‘Taste of the Year’ yet again. (05/02/2013)

43,000 objective taste tests rate Gourmandine the best

Agrico potato Gourmandine laurelled as ‘Taste of the Year’ for the third consecutive time

Emmeloord, 16 October 2012 – This year, Gourmandine was awarded the much coveted French quality award ‘Saveur de l’Année 2013’ (‘Taste of the Year 2013’) for the third time. In the category potatoes, fruit and vegetables, French consumers again considered Gourmandine to be the tastiest potato. This culinary variety also received this honour in 2012 and 2009.

The Saveur de l’Année is an independent prize awarded each year in France to products with the highest level of quality. It is an exceptional and especially trend-setting award. When it comes to international taste recognition, France is an important country. For this award, Monadia, the first consumer interests organisation in France, conducts over 43,000 objective taste tests, in collaboration with a scientific committee, thousands of consumers and 13 independent laboratories. During this extensive and accurate operation, the attention is focussed on the opinion of the most important interest group, i.e. the consumer. Add to that the critical viewpoint of the ‘spoilt’ French consumer and the value of the coveted award is explained.

Gourmandine is assessed on the basis of 4 criteria, i.e. appearance, aroma, texture and taste. A more general assessment was also performed. On a scale of 1 to 10, Gourmandine scored a 7.5 on the criteria mentioned above. “A potato with a firm structure, but one that melts on the tongue nevertheless�, “A deliciously full nut-like flavour�, “An excellent natural flavour�, “Delicious and very versatile�, were qualifications that the participating consumers ascribed to the culinary potato variety.

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Taste of the Year 2012 (07/12/2011)
The Gourmandine was awarded the coveted French quality award "Saveur de l'Année 2012" (ed: 'Taste of the Year 2012'). In the category of potatoes, vegetables and fruit, French consumers again find the Gourmandine the most delicious of all potatoes. It was also the turn of this culinary variety to be honoured in 2009.

The Saveur de l'Année is an independent prize awarded annually by the French to products of the highest quality. Monadia, the first consumer interests’ organization in France, in collaboration with a scientific committee, thousands of consumers and 13 independent laboratories, conducted more than 43,000 objective taste tests. In this comprehensive and meticulous operation, the critical assessment of the culinarily 'spoiled' French consumer is central.

The Gourmandine was rated on the basis of 4 criteria, namely appearance, smell, texture and taste. In addition, there was an overall assessment. On a scale of ten, the Gourmandine scored 7.3 or higher on the criteria listed. "A potato with a firm structure, but that nevertheless melts on the tongue", "A wonderful full nutty flavour," "an excellent natural flavour," "delicious and very versatile" were qualifications attributed to the culinary potato variety by participating consumers.